Collaboration Station Part 2


Lisa from Lisa Marie Makeup Artistry has created an awesome and empowering video helping women create an interview and every day work makeup look that is appropriate for the professional field. The look she has created can also be used by college gals going on an interview, or hanging out in their super chic dorm (courtesy of tips from DormByDesign) on a Skype interview. Either way, she has used makeup as a way to inspire women which brings us back to the collaborative cause we have both supported; The New York Women’s Foundation. Check out the foundation’s site to get involved, and Lisa Marie Makeup Artistry for more gorgeous looks.

Collaboration station

As promised,  DormByDesign has teamed up with Lisa Marie Makeup Artistry and Spell Binding Comics to bring you a collaborative campaign supporting The New York Women’s Foundation. We are all really excited to be able to create unique content that not only embraces our own site’s unique appeals, but also showcases powerful and influential messages about supporting women. Please feel free to check out their websites, and I encourage you to also visit The New York Women’s Foundation‘s page to get involved.

I will also be re-posting guest content created just for this collaborative campaign from awesome ladies that you’ll want to check out! Stay tuned for more…

Collaboration Announcement!


Hey everyone! It’s Mollie, the author of DormByDesign. I’m excited to announce that for the next couple weeks, I will join forces with LisaMarieMakeupSrtestry and Spellbindingcomic to publish a collaborative campaign. Since all of our sites were established by young women, we are going to produce a content series that provide tutorials, reviews, and information about the New York Women’s Foundation. DormByDesign will be making a how-to guide that shows viewers how to design an inspirational space, and we’ll be publishing great guest posts by our partners. Stay tuned to DormByDesign, LisaMarieMakeupArtestry, and Spellbindingcomic as the campaign unfolds, and visit the New York Women’s Foundation to learn about all of their great work.


Image By: TypeSecret, New York

Midterm Screencast

This screen cast allowed me to post something much more personal than just a blog entry. I think it is much more engaging and friendly when you can hear someone’s voice and see them talking to you about something they enjoy rather than just reading what they have to say. I found screen casting to actually be pretty fun and being proficient in it will definitely come in handy in the future.




I have never had experience working with any kind of audio software before this assignment. I was pleasantly surprised about how easy it was to create and edit this audio. As I was working on it, I found myself waiting for something to go wrong, but the software we used called Audacity was really simple and made it possible for someone with no experience like me to produce my own audio files.

Audio remixed from artists Podington Bear and Michael Howard

Header Headaches

I am very happy with how my header turned out, but getting to the finished product wasn’t the smoothest process. I found that it was difficult to find photos that I liked that were also available for me to use freely. I also kept getting stuck in the same few stops when I attempted to layer my images and I troubleshooted until I eventually figured it out which took longer than it should have for me. Overall, this process as a whole was a great learning experience for me though. I have never done anything like it before, and consider myself to be very inexperienced when it comes to any kind of digital editing software. It was very much trial and error, and through my trials, I ended up finding different sites that I will be able to use as I continue creating this website. I think that now that I have completed this header assignment I  have a new appreciation for how much time and effort goes into every detail of a website.

Site Set Up


Picture from

Picture from

Overall, setting up this site went fairly smoothly. I hope that I can have the same easy experience with all my future posts as I did with setting everything up. Since I am new to Word press however, it is intimidating creating a website from scratch. I think that the more I explore what this platform has to offer, the more I will be able to make this website into something really great.